Information About Camp Calvin

History of Camp Calvin

Camp Calvin has been around since the early 1960s. In the early years, Camp Calvin was held at a camp near Lake Geneva. Camp Calvin has been at our present location for over 20 years.

Camp Calvin Statement of Faith

  • We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, and it serves as our rule for faith and life.
  • We believe God is one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Son, while remaining fully God, took on our human nature and became one of us, though without sin.
  • We believe God created the heavens and the earth, and humankind was created in the image and likeness of God. Because of Adam's sin, humankind is separated from God and unable on its own to be reconciled to God.
  • We believe the sacrificial death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ has provided the only way of reconciliation with God, which is why we call Him Savior.
  • We believe Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, and now reigns at God's right hand, which is why we call him Lord.
  • We believe through Jesus' redemption, all of creation can be claimed and restored through the Spirit. Therefore, we are ambassadors of Christ's Kingdom in all of society.
  • We believe salvation is God's free gift based upon the atoning work of Christ, and this gift is effected by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people and received by faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe Jesus Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. The righteous - those who are justified by faith in Christ - will inherit eternal life, and the wicked - those who remain in their wickedness because they reject Christ - will be condemned eternally.
  • We believe that the local church plays the central role in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and that the spiritual unity of believers comprises the one body of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that people who are apart from God matter to God, and therefore matter to the church. For this reason, it is the individual Christian's and the church's responsibility to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed, by every means possible, through a life of holiness, service, and love.

Camp Calvin Facilities

Camp Calvin rents the Camp Whitcomb/Mason facilities for the week of Camp Calvin. Camp Whitcomb/Mason is located 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee on Lake Keesus, near Hartland, Wisconsin. The camp's two main lodges and 306 acres of forests, meadows, and marshlands provide an excellent setting. The camp includes cabins with fireplaces, good bath facilities, great food, canoeing on the lake, a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, soccer fields, and plenty of open space for all our other activities.

James Lodge, the newest self-contained facility, is located on the east side of camp. It consists of a community room with fireplace and comfortable seating, two conference rooms, 8 attached dorms, and a dining hall with fireplace where a variety of great meals are provided for the campers and staff. The 8 dorms accommodate 96 overnight campers and are on two separate levels with 2 bathrooms including showers on each level. Every dorm room has 6 bunk beds and sleeps a total of 12 campers, with an attached room for 2 counselors. This houses the Pioneer campers (4th, 5th, & 6th grades). To accommodate our staff, there are also 4 private suites located on the upper level of James Lodge, each with 2 single beds and a private bathroom.

Friendship Lodge, located on the west side of camp, is unique in that the sleeping areas are separate cabins, each with its own fireplace. The 10 cabins accommodate 160 overnight campers. Each of the cabins sleeps 16 campers with an attached room for 2 counselors. Friendship Lodge contains all restroom and shower facilities for the cabins as well as a community room/dining hall with fireplace where a variety of great meals are provided for the campers and staff. The Badger campers (7th, 8th, & 9th grades) are housed on this side of camp. To accommodate our staff, there are also 2 apartments in Friendship Lodge, each with 4 beds and a private bathroom.


Camp Calvin has 38 trained counselors, 2 registered nurses, 2 camp directors, and 2 assistants. Our own staff closely supervises all activities. Camp Whitcomb-Mason staff also assists us with lifeguarding, food service, maintenance, etc. All lifeguards are Red Cross-certified, and are always on duty when any pool or lakefront activities are occurring.

Registration Process

Please visit our Registration page to register online, download a paper registration form, or to view information on registration fees. A Health Form must also be completed for each camper. A minimum of $50 deposit per camper must accompany all registrations.

Unfortunately, in the past few years we have been receiving so many late registrations that it has required us to make many last minute changes in staffing, supply purchases, and clerical work in the days leading up to Camp, which in turn creates extra costs for us to still accept these registrations. Late Registration Fee will be charged for any registrations made after May 1.

We must receive all final payments and Health Forms by June 1. After June 1, a $25 Late Payment & Health Form Fee will be added to any remaining balance due. THIS MEANS WE ALSO NEED ALL CHURCHES TO MAKE PAYMENTS ON TIME if they are paying any portion of a student's Camp Calvin fees.

NSF (non-sufficient funds) FEE: $25 + bank charges.
Any checks that can not be honored due to insufficient funds will require a $25 fee, plus any additional charges from our bank.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for any reason that are received before May 20 will receive a full refund. Cancellations received after May 20 will not receive a full refund except for medical or other emergency reasons (death in the family, etc.). No refunds will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrivals, or early departures.

What to Bring to Camp

Campers should bring enough weather appropriate clothing for one week. Please print the camper's name clearly on all luggage, clothing, towels, Bible, footwear, flashlight, etc. with labels or permanent marker.

Towel & Swimsuit (Please wear upon arrival for swim test. Girls must have a one-piece swimsuit.)
Money for Special Offering & Canteen (see below)
Prescribed Medications (see Medical Care)
Bible, Pen, & Notebook
Sleeping Bag & Pillow
Bath Towel, Toothbrush, Soap, Etc.
Appropriate Clothing & Footwear (shoes or sandals must be worn at all times)
Insect Repellent
Rain Jacket
Cheerful Smile
Cooperative Attitude
Desire to Live for God

Camp Calvin registration fees cover all programming, 24-hour counselors, meals, waterfront activities, sports, and group initiatives. Your camper will want to have spending money for canteen and the special offering. The special offering is an opportunity to contribute towards a special Christian cause. Canteen money is used twice a day for the campers to purchase candy or a soda. Money for both the special offering and canteen will be collected on Monday at registration. The camper will be asked to designate how much money should go to each. A maximum of $15 may be designated for canteen and the price of each item purchased at canteen will be deducted from the camper's account. Once the camper's account has reached a zero balance, the camper will not be allowed to receive any more items from canteen. At the end of the week, any unused canteen money will go towards the special offering.

What NOT to Bring to Camp

Over-The-Counter Medications (Camp provides pain relievers, decongestants, anti-histamines, etc.)
Cell Phones
Portable Electronic Devices (music players, gaming devices, laptops, etc.)
Valuable Items
Pocket Knives
Any Illegal Items (drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.)
Parents (Parents are strongly encouraged not to visit while camp is in session)
If any of these items are brought to camp, they will be confiscated by staff and returned to them at the close of camp.

Monday Check-In Process

Camper check-in is on Monday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. There will be staff on hand to greet you, help you find the check-in area, and direct you to your cabin.

  1. Follow our staff's directions on where to park. PLEASE DO NOT UNLOAD ANY LUGGAGE YET! If a parent is dropping off their camper, they must still park first and check-in their camper to find out where their luggage will need to be unloaded. Parents of Pioneers (4th - 6th graders) will be asked to bring their camper's luggage to James Lodge (directions to James Lodge will be handed out by staff) while the camper continues on with the check-in process
  2. Before proceeding to the Check-In Area, each camper should have the following:
    1. Swimsuit & Towel - Campers should have their swimsuit on when they come to camp.
    2. Medications - All prescription medications must be in their original prescription bottle labeled exactly as it is to be administered.
    3. Canteen Money - Maximum of $15. Canteen money is used for snacks and drinks twice each day at camp. Any remaining money at the end of the week will be added to the special offering.
    4. Offering Money - Offering is designated each year to a special Christian cause.

  3. Proceed to the Check-In Area where campers check-in, receive cabin assignment, and where Special Offering and Canteen money will be collected. Their cabin assignment will be written on a slip of paper labeled "What do I do next?" which will walk your camper through the check-in process.
  4. After a camper receives their cabin assignment, if your camper has medications they will be directed to Friendship Lodge where the Nurse's Station is located. Badgers (7th - 9th graders) should bring their own luggage to their cabin before proceeding to the Camp Nurse's. Campers must give all medications to the Camp Nurse's. The Camp Nurse's should already have all health forms in their possession, since all health forms should have been mailed in.
  5. Each camper will then proceed to the swimming pool for a swim test. After the swim test, each camper will receive a colored band on their wrist that will indicate their swimming privileges for the week of camp (allowed/restricted in deep end of pool). This band must stay on the camper's wrist during the entire week of camp if the camper would like to swim in the pool. Loss of band will require the camper to take another swim test.
  6. At this point, the camper has completed the check-in process. The camper should still have the slip of paper (labeled "What do I do next?"). All campers should then proceed to their assigned cabin. Parents may accompany their campers to their cabins to see where the campers will be living for the next week. For Pioneer parents, the walk to the Pioneer cabins is very nice, but long, so you may want to drop off their luggage first by car before coming back to the Check-In Area to walk with your camper to their cabin. We ask that all parents please leave camp by 3:15 pm so that the campers can have a chance to get to know their cabin mates and counselors before beginning their afternoon activities.

Saturday Departure Process

On Saturday morning, all campers will be required to have their cabins cleaned and inspected by the camp director before they will be allowed to leave. Once their cabin has been inspected, the campers can be picked up from 9:15-10:00 AM. If an early departure for your camper is needed, you must notify us before the week of camp. Please use our Contact Us page to direct your questions or requests.


Camp Calvin is split into essentially two camps: Pioneers and Badgers. The Pioneers are campers going into 4th through 6th grades. The Badgers are campers going into 7th through 9th grades. Each camp is programmed specifically for the age group of the campers. These camps are run separately during the day and then in the evenings all the campers come together for worship time.

Campers and their counselors stay together as a cabin throughout the week for all meals and activities except for crew competition, when the campers are with their crew leaders. A crew consists of approximately 10-16 campers (male & female) that are led in games and competition by 2 counselors. crews encourage teamwork, build self-esteem, instill camaraderie, and motivate, with enthusiasm, each person to do their best.

During the week at Camp Calvin, campers are introduced to Jesus Christ, enjoy God's creation, worship our Lord with songs, receive inspiration from our spiritual leaders, enjoy team activities, and participate in swimming, canoeing, games, art activities, and more!

Medical Care

Registered nurses staffed by Camp Calvin are in residence and on duty the entire week of camp. There is no charge for minor medical attention at the Health Lodge. In case of accident or illness requiring x-rays, medication, prescription drugs, services of a hospital, physician, dentist, ambulance, or related services, the charges will be made to the parents or to the parent's insurance carrier. Parents will be notified in the event medical treatment is necessary.

To ensure the best possible experience at camp, campers must maintain their normal medication patterns while at camp. The camp nurses have over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc.) for common ailments (headache, diarrhea, cough/colds, etc.). Please do not send these to camp. For safety reasons and by state regulation, any other medications the camper takes must be inventoried, held, and distributed by the camp nurses. All medications must be given to the camp nurses at registration. Campers may not keep any medications (including inhalers) in their cabins. All medications must be in their original packaging or prescription bottle labeled exactly as it is to be administered. If the camper takes the medication differently than the prescription on the bottle, a written physician prescription form must accompany it.

Emergency Contact

If you are planning to be away from home during your camper's stay at Camp Calvin, please make sure our staff has clear information about how to reach you in case of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency situation, to relay an urgent message to your camper, please call the Camp Whitcomb-Mason main office at 262-538-1190 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM and at 262-538-1878 between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

Sending Mail to Campers

There's nothing like a letter from home! You may write your child often, but visits or phone calls are not allowed. You will be notified if a situation arises that needs your attention. With all mail, make sure to include the camper's full name when addressing the envelope.

Mailing address is:
Camp Calvin
c/o Camp Whitcomb-Mason
W294 N8436 Camp Whitcomb Road
Hartland, WI 53029

In case you do not hear back from your camper, remember: No News is Good News! Campers do not have access to pay phones or computers and we cannot transfer calls to campers. They are having a good time and will fill you in on everything in the car all the way home! In the meantime, feel free to visit our website during the week of camp for pictures taken each day of the campers and their activities.

Send your camper positive letters and cards that encourage them to have fun and make new friends.

Discipline Problems

In the best interest of all concerned, and to promote a good camp community experience, any camper whose behavior is, in the judgment of the camp leadership, disruptive or unruly, will have their parents notified and could be sent home.

The use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, non-prescriptive/illegal drugs, or any other illegal items is prohibited and will be treated as a serious offense. Authorities will be notified and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Lost & Found

Campers must take good care of their personal things, especially on Saturday morning during check out. Items that end up in our Lost & Found will remain in the possession of the camp director for later pick-up. If you leave items at camp and would like to pick them up, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and someone will email you back with more details.